Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is the Collective?

It's 2009 and it's a brave new world... global temperatures are up, biodiversity is down, and the papers are full of doom & gloom. Stricken from the news, however, is a new movement of small-scale garage builders constructing amazing, environmentally sustainable rides! It may be a bad time to be a polar bear but it's a great time to be a skater!

This course will bring together people with a common interest in exploring the design, product and lifestyle of longboarding in a hands-on workshop. Participants will design and handcraft a longboard around the goal of replacing as many environmentally harmful materials as possible, with functional, ecologically based alternatives using wood from local New England forest.

Wayne Gallipoli, Owner & Designer of Surf Rodz, will come up from Connecticut and help us with design and craft aspects of the building process.