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Friday, March 22, 2013

Overall my board turned out well. It's very simple–all black with a green deadmau5 logo in the middle. While there are some imperfections with the graphic, I think that it turned out well.

My overall impressions of the Longboard Collective are excellent. All of the instruction that I have received has been useful and allowed me to understand the process and technique rather than merely follow instructions. Wayne has been especially knowledgeable with the graphics side of things. His instruction on the graphic and spray painting technique helped me to create the board that I wanted to create. I've also enjoyed talking to him, and he seems genuinely interested in us beyond the Collective.

It's a shame that I'm graduating this year, and that it's the last year of the collective. I would have loved to do this again and use the knowledge that I've gained so far to create a more polished and refined product next time around. I do hope to make use of my board durring the summer, whether it's riding around town or down the huge hill next to my house.

I learned today that there is more to the trucks and the wheels than just a wheel spinning on an axle. In order to make sure the wheel spins correctly, we always have to make sure it is spinning on the ball bearing, and not the actual wheel. We will get a much better ride if we ride on the ball bearing. I really want to thank all of the teachers that were responsible in helping us.

Mr. Halloway taught us workshop safety, and allowed us to use his workshop. Mr. Goodall-Heising critiqued our designs and took all of the great photos. Kevin and Wayne directed us and helped us make the best boards we could have made. A huge thanks also goes to Wayne and his company for supplying us with all the materials needed to build a longboard. I have had a great experience, and it is disappointing to know this March Intensive program will not be here next year.

I finished my board today. I'm very happy with this march intensive . It can't be topped. The process of building a board was interesting and I learned a lot about the mechanics of a long board in the course. The most important thing I learned today was to not loosen the wheels so they spin faster in an attempt to go down a hill at a higher velocity. this just makes the longboards ball bearings disengage from the wheels and eventually wrecks the longboard.
Grey (aka The Earl ;-)

P.S. Mr. Goodall-Heising especially showed an enthusiasm and love for the learning only to be expected from him. His pictures and blog where fantastic.

P.P.S. Wayne is awesome. He is clearly knowledgeable about the world of long boards and enjoys what he does.

P.P.P.S. Mr. Lavigne is a someone who I didn't know very well before this March Intensive. I got to know him and found him to be a teacher who knows how to get things done and still be relaxed at the same time.

This has by far been the most fun and useful March Intensive. Kevin, Wayne, Herr GH, and Mr. Holloway were great instructors who made this learning experience efficient and enjoyable. My graphics came out great and Wayne and Kevin helped me set up my trucks and wheels.

I picked up the general basics of long boarding in a matter of minutes and I was able to skate around with novice ease. Thanks a ton for letting me have this fantastic experience guys!