Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surf-Rodz launches website for its NEW longboard truck system_

We are currently shipping out the first batch of trucks to fill requests for
the holiday season.

Please feel free to contact us direct for ordering.
SZ trucks start at $159 USD for a set(2)trucks
CNC Precision Machined and manufactured In our shop.

(2) Base plates
(2) Hangers
(2) Kingpins and nuts
(4) 50 mm x 10mm axle bolts (standard 200mm truck hanger)
(2) Pivot cups
(4) Precision 10mm x 10mm wheel spacers
(2) Allen Keys

Bushings and 10mm bearings not included.

Core shops/Distributors/ Online stores
Wholesale prices on request


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is this all about?

As the hours of sunlight are on the rise and spring is knocking on the door "normal" academic courses are interrupted at Hanover High School.


What is March Intensive? It is four days of diverse course offerings, organized and taught by staff and community members.

This year two colleagues, a professional builder/designer and myself are offering a course titled The LONGBOARD COLLECTIVE!

Dave Holloway (Industrial Technology Teacher)
Wayne Gallipoli (Illustrator, graphic designer and owner of Surf-Rodz)
Uwe Goodal-Heising (German Teacher)
Kevin Lavigne (Science Teacher)

At the end of four days, 17 students will have designed and handcrafted a longboard using local renewable resources.

Through this experience we hope to provide an opportunity for students to develop skills with hand and power tools, an understanding of building materials, longboard shaping and design, the history of longboarding, and concepts of renewable resources. Emphasis will be placed on the idea that expensive tools are not needed...just creativity and "Old School" techniques can be use to create amazing rides!

Additionally, we want to link our local community of like minded individuals with the larger growing longboard community through the use of social networks.

In the meantime this blog will be updated with cool links and happenings (local/global). Once the course gets rolling (pun intended) this blog will be dedicated to sharing the "in-class" experience with the global community.


Holiday Longboard Shopping List

Thanks to Silverfish for putting together a list of the goods!

Link: Gift Guide

Check it out!

The Content

Monday, December 14, 2009

Old School is coming back

Ancient Surfboard Style Is Finding New Devotees

The alaia provides a stripped down, back-to-the-roots alternative. They are to surfing what the fixed gear is to cycling or the bow and arrow are to hunting. And unlike their often-mass-produced foam-and-fiberglass cousins, which you must buy from a manufacturer for $500 and up, alaias are cheap and easy to make, and considerably easier on the environment.

“It’s taking ownership of your surfing experience,” Mr. Sutton said. “And they’re kind of like works in progress. I’ll go back and forth between the sawhorse and the surf until the board’s just right.”

Making an alaia involves little more than a jigsaw, a hand planer, sandpaper and the right piece of wood. Once smooth, they are covered with a sealant, typically linseed oil and gum turpentine. The hard part is learning to make them fly on water.

Link: Article