Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is Push Culture?

Let Matt Colvin from Bustin Boards, one of the first people to coin this term, explain...

"Push Culture is the lifestyle associated with the boards here, and the harder you push the board, the more it pushes you.”
Though shortboarding is what most people think of when discussing skateboarding in general, longboarding is slightly different—the deck is much longer, the geometry varied and the wheels, bearings and other necessary accoutrements suited for more intense exposure to urban terrain—and embodies its own set of skills, techniques and values, which Bustin aims to bring to the forefront of the skate scene.
“Longboarding is more of a laid back style of riding,” Colvin continued. “I think it’s about flair, each rider’s personal flow and vibe, and about embracing others, while short-boarding lends itself to a more competitive feel. Bustin’s impact on push culture is associating our name with the lifestyle we’re all already living. We ARE push culture, we live and inspire it in others.”


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trick Tip Videos

You want to learn some longboard moves.

Click: HERE

Longboarding: Flipping the Switch