Monday, August 30, 2010

Montreal Longboarding Endurance Race

The third longboard endurance race (push race) in Montréal will take place September 25th 2010. This event is about touring the city of Montreal by joining each checkpoints setup at various strategic places. The suggested preliminary path (about 20 km long) emphasizes the use of bicycle lanes for safety reason and is accessible to all levels. Helmets are mandatory. The proposed route takes about 1 hour to complete and will not be revealed until a week before the event.
The event will take place on Saturday, September 25th or Sunday, September 27th in case of extreme conditions on Saturday. The riders are expected at the subway station Université de Montréal at 9:00 am. The specifications of the final details of the race and final registration (payment, discharge, allocating numbers …) will take place at this time. The race is scheduled to start at 10:00 PRECISE. If desired, a vehicle will be available to move any personal belonging directly at the finish line. A BBQ will be welcoming the riders at the finish line (included in price).
The entry fee will be $ 10 and ALL the money will be redistributed among the tree fastest riders. The prices offered by sponsors will be given to the podium but also drawn at random from the riders and volunteers to give everyone a chance to leave with something else than pleasure!
I am at your disposal for any request for additional information. You can contact me via email or reach me on my cell phone at 514-574-5173.
Thank you in advance,
Yann Lhermitte
Landyachtz Eh-Team


Streetluge Practice Run Almabtrieb 2010


Push Culture Longboarding: Bustin Sojourn & Loaded Tan Tien


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oops! The Next Silverfish Deal

Wheel Deal Coming Link



Golfboarding from Serge Shakuto on Vimeo.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Central MA Freeride, DH, flatland & Slide Jam Competition !

Update***Date change to the 21st for the MA event. 

Central MA is full of skilled skaters and sick hills, so I've decided to organize a skate event! Come join lots of other skaters on a closed road in Harvard, MA (specific location forthcoming) to thrown down some crazy slides, compete for prizes, or just cruise around and spectate.

NEW DATE: Saturday, 8/15/10
TIME: 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM + "after-skate" sesh

There will be a freeride "best trick" competition, a "longest slide" competition, other fun stuff, a general freeride period and potentially a DH race.

PRIZES have graciously been put forth by a number of sponsors looking to spread the Beast Coast stoke. From decks to slide pucks, there's some serious stuff to win, so bring your skills!

ROAD CLOSED by police detail

ENTRY FEE is $10 if you plan to skate in the prize-winning events; this helps cover the cost of safety materials like haybales, water/food, and a police detail (and potentially a cash prize, depending on the number of entries)

PROTECTIVE GEAR must be worn by competitors ! ! ! This is important.

EVERYONE is invited, from the sponsored pro to the interested spectator .

IF YOU PLAN ON COMPETING / RACING, PLEASE RSVP to with the subject line "skate event RSVP"

Remember to bring your smiling faces, some water, and if you want, a camera! High-quality video footage and photos will be taken throughout the event, but the more snaps the merrier.

The Harvard locals would be happy to show anyone that's interested the smorgasboard of delicious hills and fun spots that this town has to offer. For a sampling to whet the palette, check the following:
(^ the latter two include a lot of footage from the most likely race and freeride hill)

Two videos of the hills that the event will (most likely) be held on:


Monday, August 2, 2010

West Coast Skaters Push 2,894 miles to Bustin Brooklyn

West Coast Skaters Push 2,894 miles to Bustin Brooklyn