Friday, March 19, 2010

A big thanks ...

A big thanks to all who have made this March Intensive possible. Without your support, this workshop would not have been possible.

The Longboard Collective would like to give thanks especially to Wayne from surf_rodz and Andrew from Green Street Longboards for the knowledge they provided, their time, and patience with us amateurs. This has been a great experience for all of us - we are happy that we reached our goal that every student walks out with a board they have made in four intensive days.

We would also like to thank our school for making room for boarders' needs for one day and blocking off parts of the parking lot so that our students could test and ride (or shred, as I've learned) on their new longboards. I also like to thank the community for their understanding and tolerance ... and as for myself: I haven't ridden a board before, tried it today and had lots of fun - now, I do understand how much fun it is ... you should try it, too.

For the weekend ahead, I have tons of pictures and video footage to look through, but I have secured the right snack to go with it ...
Herr GH


Some more rinding pix ...

Here are some more pictures from riding in the afternoon (and some more from the morning ;-)

Rinding ... and ... chilling.


Andrew is breaking in his new board

This is how a professional breaks in a newly built board ...

First, riding slow, getting a feel for the board ...

Is this a look of satisfaction on his face, or what? I guess, there's also some appreciation mixed in ...


Erin's sunflower design

Andrew from Green Street Longboards was impressed with Erin's sunflower design, that he decided to put it on his newly finished board made of Purple Heart wood. In the spirit of our workshop (to share knowledge about how to do things), Erin showed Andrew how how to applied the silk screen to cloth.

He also owns some t-shirts with the design ...


Rinding the boards ...

There some serious shredding going on at HHS ...


Link to our online gallery

Follow the links to our online picture gallery:

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Believe me, you don't wanna miss this ...


Original Skateboard: How to Fix Wave Cam


Colleen wins the helmet contest with her peacock design

Colleen wins our little contest on helmet designs with her peacock. First prize was a board Wayne so generously donated. Smile :-)

Original Skateboard Trucks



I'm not the best at skating. I'm able to get from point A to point B around town, but most of the hills up here in New Hampshire get me going a little too fast for my liking. However, I was really excited to take this March Intensive course. For the past three months or so I've been researching shapes and wood types, but I've spent the most time trying to decide what type of graphics to put on the bottom. Art is my thing, and I couldn't wait to paint on an entirely new surface.

To be honest, I might have rushed though the construction of my 55" dancer a tad so I could get to the final stages a little more quickly. The first three days were all carving, sanding, and putting on the clear coats. I put three coats on the bottom of my board so that the surface would be nice and smooth for the paint. When I came in on the third I still didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to paint. I was toying with the thought of painting a Chuck Close-style portrait of someone, but I eventually decided to do something completely out of my element, much like this entire course has thrown me into the unfamiliar world of longboarding. 

I ended up painting a hula girl, to pay a little bit of homage to the roots of long boarding. It took me most of the day, around six hours, to paint the two or three foot figure. It probably would have taken less time if I hadn't had such a rough time painting her hands. Even though they look like I attached the arms and hands of a five year old to an eight foot body, I'm still really happy with the result. I might add some beachy stripes at a later time, because at this point I just want to get it off the drying rack and under my feet.

I'm going to add the trucks and wheels as soon as I send this over, and I can't wait to see how it rides. I loved the whole process of building my board, and just looking at the finished project makes me smile. I'm thinking that I might try building another board just so I can do a little more painting, or maybe I'll just beg one of my friends to let me try something on theirs. Either way, I definitely have a new diversion from my homework.


Day 4 - The moment, everybody was waiting for

Much anticipated, day 4 has arrived. Andrew, Wayne, and Kevin pulled a late shift to put the hardware on the boards so this morning the participants only needed to put on the wheels.

But before we got them started on the boards we watched some clips from the Dogtown-movie.

And then, Wayne and Andrew demonstrated some hardware maintance ...


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's visitors at the Longboard Collective Workshop

Throughout the last days, we've had students coming by regularly to check upon friends in the workshop or the progress of our board building. A regular visitor has been our art teacher Mr. Lang.

Our Principal, Ms. Gillespie, came by to look at the boards, talk to our guests and, of course, to students.

Our Dean of Students, Mr. Smith, came by during his lunch period to hear from excited participants of the workshop and see some students riding.

Just look how relaxed Mr. Smith and Patrick are - no disciplinary measure has been taken :-)

And finally, Aaron from the Valley News came to interview us, Wayne and Andrew, and our students.



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Captain America